is now proud to promote the best commercially produced backdrops in the model railroading world printed by backdrops are beautifully photographed, edited and cropped by model railroaders for model railroaders with a true "trackside" view of the backdrop world. All designs are available in all sizes and scales from 12" to 36" tall and as long as 24' in one piece, unlimited height and length thru paneling pieces together. backdrops are printed on a polypropylene film for high resolution photos, tear resistance and water resistance and then they take it a step further and overlaminate the print with a matte finish clear vinyl laminate for scratch resistance, alcohol resistance and further water proofing and resistance to most household cleaners and model railroading scenery materials and liquids. backdrops are so water proof and durable you can wash them....the only washable backdrops in the hobby.

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