Full Size Track Plan Prints

Once you have your track plan design completed you need to transfer that design to your plywood, homasote or foam board panels to cut your sub-roadbed or lay your roadbed. You will also need to transfer the plans to your layout benchwork for positioning your sub-roadbed and roadbed.

Using conventional methods of transferring your plan by hand and having to constantly measure and remeasure is very tedious, time consuming and frustrating. How to draw the radius for the turns and locating the turnouts properly can be a nightmare, and who knows how or who wants to do all the advanced mathmatics involved with easements.

Most of the layout design and illustration software programs have the capability for you to print out your track plan in full size on multiple pages of standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper from your desktop printer. Unfortunately this means it will take hundreds or even thousands of those 8-1/2" x 11" pages to print your whole track plan. After printing all those pages you need to get them sorted properly and meticulously align and tape them together. This is a VERY lengthy process and it will use up hundreds of dollars in ink cartridges, paper and tape and dozens of hours of time. It is also very inaccurate and all that overlaying of small sheets of paper will lead to many mistakes and misalignments.

LayoutPrinting.com from Affordable Model Railroads custom model railroad builders has the ultimate solution using our Full Size Track Plan Prints. We can print your layout drawings in Full Size Track Plan Print panels up to 24" x 288" each! Imagine laying a 3 foot wide by 24 foot long industrial switching shelf layout track plan in only 2 piece that you can lay in less than 10 minutes! If you printed and laid 8-1/2" x 11" desktop inkjet prints for that same 3' x 24' shelf layout you would use almost 120 sheets of paper, 2 to 3 ink cartridges and dozens of hours trying to align your track and turnouts properly. 

For larger layouts your time savings increase almost exponentially when using our Full Size Track Plan Prints. Consider a medium sized layout like a 30" shelf layout 12' x 24' around the room design. If you printed this mid-sized layout with desktop inkjet paper you would use over 500 sheets, and if you wanted to print in full color it would take your printer almost 10 cartridges of EACH color ink. That's 40 inkjet cartridges for printers at about $15 per cartridge that will cost you over $900 when you are finished. Aside from the cost, what about the dozens of hours it will take to print, sort, align and tape together 500 pages? What about the number of misaligned and improperly placed turnouts you'll end up with and the new expense of redo several parts?

With our Full Size Track Plan Prints that same 12' x 24' layout would use only 8 prints and cost about what you might spend in the paper and inkjet cartridges to print your own 8-1/2" x 11" color patterns. The time savings alone is worth the cost of our Full Size Track Plan Prints as this mid-sized design can be laid out on your benchwork or on sub-roadbed panels in about one hour instead of dozens of hours!

Click here to see a photo illustrated tutorial on how to use and apply your Full Size Track Plan Print.

Affordable Model Railroads' Full Size Track Plan Prints are also printed in FULL COLOR at no extra charge. This means the color scheme you created your design in will be printed to show the location of buildings, streets, bridges, tunnel entrances and scenery effects just as your 2D design software shows them. Once our Full Color Full Size Track Plan Prints are placed on your layout benchwork or sub-roadbed panels they will help you better visualize what your layout will look like. Since there is not the hundreds of ugly tape seams you get with desktop prints you can even leave the track plan prints in place in areas you have not yet begun to work on. This will give your layout a visually pleasing "coming soon" effect replacing the unfinished construction look.

Affordable Model Railroads' Full Size Track Plan Prints are not only the perfect answer to roadbed and track laying, but they can also be used to place on your plywood, homasote, foam board or sheet cork and used as your sub roadbed and roadbed cutting guides. No math, no supersized compasses, no tripods, no guesswork you simply follow the printed lines!