Printing From Other Design Software

We are currently negotiating with many major PC software developers to become their officially authorized printer: In the mean time in addition to El Dorado Software's "3rdPlanit" we are still able to print your 100% compatible layout designs from the latest versions of these popular railroad layout cad programs - Cadrail, TrainPlayer/TrackLayer, and WinRail.

In fact if you use virtually any PC based model railroad layout cad program such as Anyrail, Raily For Windows, RR-Track, SCARM, Templot, XtrackCad or any other software please contact us with your printing needs as we can either print directly from your program or we can let you know how to prepare your files to send us for print.

If you are using one of the track planning programs from the track manufactures such as Atlas Right Track, we can also print directly from most of those programs. Please let us know which program and if we don't already have it we will contact the manufacture to get it so we can provide your prints for you.

We can print out your plans from most graphic design or CAD software such as CorelDraw,  Adobe Illustrator or AutoCad and we can also print hand drawn plans to full scale. Contact us and we'll let you know how to prepare your files or drawings.

Please click here for a photo illustrated tutorial of how to use and apply our Full Size Track Plan Prints.

For Mac Users:At this time we will need you to convert your files to a PC compatible format to enable us to print them. (.pdf) files with text and outlines, Adobe Illustrator (.ai) version 8 or earlier or (.eps) files with text and outlines are the preferred formats.