What Is The Cost?


For an average cost based on a single benchwork level and medium complexity we have 3 tiers of estimated design cost.

Tier 1: Small layouts rooms under 100 square feet $750.00 (basically a 10x10 bedroom or smaller)

Tier 2: Layout rooms of 101 to 800 square feet $1000.00 (basically a 10x11 bedroom to a 3 car garage) $1000.00

Tier 3: Layout rooms over 801 to 2000 square feet $1250.00 (a large basement or stand alone building).

Rooms larger than 2000 square feet, additional benchwork levels, upper or lower staging and very complex layout are additional. N Scale designs are 25% more due to the significant complexity, additional track and number of turnouts that can be designed into the same space.

It is always best to contact us to get an exact quote.

Full Size Layout Prints

At this time we can output your prints in multiple panels each on panels 24" or 36" wide and as long as 288" in one piece. If your layout requires wider or longer panels we will "tile" them. In most cases the Full Size Track Plan Prints from a custom layout design program will cost around $3 a square foot of paper used for the entire print. We make every effort to arrange the panels as efficiently as we can for each layout design which keeps your cost down and helps make laying the prints on your layout more efficient.

Prints from other design programs such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCad, .PDF files, .jpg files or other graphics file formats or scans of hand drawn plans may required additional artwork charges to make them printable in full size.

You do not have to get your whole railroad plan printed at once, we are also able to do Full Size Track Plan Prints for selected areas of your layout. Maybe you want to work on your layout just a section at a time or just have the prints done a section at a time to spread your costs out for budgeting purposes, we can work with that.

If you would like a complete quote on what it will cost for a set of Full Size Track Plan Prints for your layout design please email us. Please put "Track Plan Print Quote" in the subject line and be sure to give us your full contact information including phone number so we can contact you with any questions we may have. Please also attach a copy of your 3rd Planit, Anyrail, Cadrail, SCARM, RRTRACKS, 3D RR Concept & Design or other digital design file and we will have a quote for you usually within 24 to 48 hours.